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a cardboard box on a conveyor belt. Photo.

Closer and Relog have started a new initiative where public and private actors can come together to drive the development towards sustainable e-commerce.[more]


Online clothing stores have begun banning customers who misuse the returns system, according to an article on SVT.[more]


portrait of a woman. Photo.

Many research projects are dedicated to sustainable packaging solutions, but what about the product inside?[more]


three people looking at a screen. Photo.

There are many requirements on the food packaging of the future. They must be better and safer than today, while also environment-friendly, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing. In the product development race, Tetra Pak...[more]


three students in front of a white building. Photo.

"When I was a kid, I said tetra about all the juice drinks," says Roxanne Mae Targa when she talks about her first experience with Tetra Pak. Now she knows more. After completing her degree project, she is now employed...[more]


Photo of packaging prototypes and students.

– The diversity of our knowledge and experiences meant that we learned a lot from each other in the project, says Frida Sterner, one of the students in the course "Packaging Technology and Development". The students...[more]


three lemons in a tree. Photo.

The use of substances from citrus rinds in bioplastics is an example of how we can be inspired by nature’s own protective systems – and more research is needed in future about how to extend the shelf life of food products,...[more]


Two letterboxes along a countryside road. Photo.

What does online shopping mean for those living in rural areas? A lot, according to researchers in logistics at Lund University. Poorer access to products and services in the countryside makes shopping online an important option....[more]


man standing by a chain-link fence with containers in the background. Photo.

Stefan Karlsson at Packaging Logistics, Design Sciences, LTH receives 2 million SEK in research funding as the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council (Handelsrådet) rolls out their new postdoc support.[more]


two men leaning against a concrete wall. Photo.

Daniel Hellström and Klas Hjort, researchers in Packaging Logistics at Design Sciences, LTH participated in "Trendspaning Helsingborg" where they talked about managing returns in e-commerce. [more]


Portrait of a woman against a white backgrond. Photo.

Katrin Molina-Besch, researcher in Packaging Logistics at Design Sciences, LTH, is interviewed about meal kits and waste in Sydsvenskan.[more]


Portrait of a woman against a green leafy background. Photo.

In this last episode of this three-part series, Giana Carli Lorenzini, postdoctoral research fellow, Packaging Logistics at Lund University, discusses how companies should approach the design of senior-friendly self-administered...[more]


a pile of books, one is open. Photo.

Researchers from Design Sciences – both Packaging Logistics and Innovation Engineering – find themselves amongst the most-read authors when The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research lists its...[more]


Achieving the global sustainability goals requires the e-commerce sector to transform into a sustainable logistics system. A unique e-commerce initiative is now taking a holistic approach to e-commerce opportunities and...[more]


A young woman holding a diploma. Photo.

Elif Tiryakioglu was awarded Sparbanken Skåne’s master prize for especially distinguished master thesis project, for her work entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Sustainable Paper Straw Wrap: A Packaging Design Project for...[more]


What are the consumers’ expectations on recipient-free delivery services and how are the expectations affected by their actual experience? John Olsson, doctoral student at Packaging Logistics, presents ongoing research on...[more]


Photo of stacked wooden pallets.

Every year, the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council gives an award to the best student essay. This year, a student at Packaging Logistics, LTH, has been awarded the prize: Sten Georgii Hellberg for the degree project "A...[more]


On 4 and 11 June the students within FIPDes, Food Innovation and Product Design will present their degree projects (master’s theses). They are taking the specialisation Food Packaging Design and Logistics, with courses during...[more]


elderly man opening his front door. Photo.

Change and innovation is needed to meet the demands of future healthcare, social services and elderly care.[more]


two men standing by a concrete wall. Photo.

When online shopping grows, so do returns, which is a challenge worth paying attention to.[more]

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