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Socool@EU (Sustainable Organisation between Clusters of Optimised Logistics @ Europe) is a 3-year European project starting on 1st January 2012 and ending on 31st of December 2014. Five world-class European clusters have joined this project in order to create a platform of excellence and work together in regional strategies concerning logistics, transportation, clusters and innovation. It is funded under the Regions of Knowledge program (RoK) program.

The project aims, at strategic level, to create an open European platform of excellence in the area of supply chain management and logistics in connection with hubs and gateways. Its purpose is to enable research-driven regional clusters throughout Europe to collaborate and exchange experiences for increasing sustainability and competitiveness of logistical services and (intermodal) transport operations. The consortium consists of five European clusters that represent essential areas of logistics (deep-sea hubs, airports, land-hubs and short-sea hubs).

After analysing the needs of the stakeholders, a strategy for international cooperation will be elaborated and adequate plans for joint action will be initiated and implemented. In addition, training activities will be carried out. The project will pursue its objectives especially through extensive dissemination and exploitation activities.



Mats Johnsson, docent Förpackningslogistik