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Towards efficient, safe and secure freight transportation

An incentive-based approach

Who pays for transportation safety and security and why? Incentives for investments in transportation safety and security differ between logistics and governance stakeholders. How can the goals of business-driven logistics stakeholders and societal-focused governance stakeholders be aligned? Increasing the efficiency is a way to go.

Camilla’s research interest is applied focusing on logistical questions and problems within information sharing and Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS. ITS is defined as a cross-disciplinary field of transportation and information systems. The PhD studies have a special focus on the relation between measures and effects of safety, security and efficiency. ITS is an important tool but organizational aspects, in particular incentive systems, are considered as well. The aim of the research is to help the strategic planning of investments in measures for security and efficiency at companies, as well as the development of policies for control of freight transports at authorities.



Camilla Nyquist Magnusson, PhD Student