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LOG2020 is a two-year European project starting in 1 October 2012. The aim of LOG2020 project is to develop a European, post-academic vocational education program for logistics and supply chain professionals that will enable them to embrace challenges as opportunities for their organizations. The project aims at filling the gap between today’s post-academic training and tomorrow's supply chain reality.

The Master Class program will prepare future supply chain executives so that they are able to reach good key strategic decisions. Through drawing attention to likely developments that will ultimately affect the supply chains, training is provided which focuses on strategic developments that can be utilized in preparing organizations for the next decade. After participating in the international Master Class program, future supply chain officers will be ready to face the major challenges in the decades ahead.

The LOG2020 project has two main phases: content development and pilot training. In the first year the focus will be on content development like defining key strategic decisions, structuring teaching methods, preparing teaching materials, negotiating with business partners for field trips and the development of final assignments.

In its second year, the program will be tested through a pilot training. Pilot training participants will be expected to meet requirements equivalent to those that the future target group will have to meet. All educational materials and methods will be tested – both the E-learning tools and classroom sessions. Where necessary, the content will be amended based on the pilot results. 

The content development as well as the pilot training will be vetted by an external Quality Assurance Board. The Board will ensure that the program tackles appropriate topics and provides answers to pressing questions.



Mats Johnsson, universitetslektor Förpackningslogistik